Vietnam Work Visa

The number of foreigners coming to Vietnam for a long-term job is increasingly currently. And to work in Vietnam legally, they need to have a work visa (LD visa). This article will provide you will full guide on how to make a working visa for foreigners in Vietnam and some important information as follows

How to Get a Vietnam Work Visa

To get a work visa for Vietnam, both the entity where the foreigner works and the foreigner himself/herself should follow 5 steps below:

Step 1: The Vietnam-based company shall prepare the following documents:

The Vietnam based company will act as a guarantor and shall prepare the following documents to apply for a work permit for its foreign employee:

  1. Operation license of the company of the company/office where the foreigner is working for (it can be the Business registration certificate, or investment license, or operation license of a branch or representative office);
  2. Certificate of seal specimen or Statement of Seal Use by the Company
  3. Form NA16 – Registration form for the seal and signature of the legal representative of the enterprise operating in Vietnam;
  4. Form NA5 – Application for visa, visa extension, extension of stay for foreigners in Vietnam. You can download it here.
  5. 01 3*4cm photo
  6. Work permit or work permit exemption certificate.
  7. Copy of valid passport

Step 2: Submit the documents

Representative of the entity where the foreigner is working for will submit the documents mentioned above at the Vietnam Immigration Department or the Immigration Office under the Department of Public Security in city or province where its head office is based.

After submitting the documents and paying the visa fee, the submitter will receive an appointment note stating the expected date to receive the visa processing result.

In case of getting the working visa stamped at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in foreign country, a Fax charge must be paid.

Submission time: Monday to Friday, Saturday morning.

Step 3: Receive the work visa letter for Vietnam

The company’s representative, on the appointed date, will visit the Immigration department/office to receive the visa letter (if issued).

Step 4: Inform the foreign worker

After getting the letter, the entity shall notify the foreigner via email, fax or express courier so that he/she can complete the visa procedure.

Step 5: Receive the visa and pay fee

The foreigner will, at the office of Vietnam embassy/consulate in his/her host country, submit:

  • Form NA1 – Vietnamese Visa Application attached with 3x4cm photo
  • Original valid passport
  • Copy of the visa letter issued by the Immigration Department/Office of Vietnam

and pay for the visa fee applied by the embassy/consulate to get the work visa stamped onto passport.

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